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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sweet mem0ry for my friends~~~

It contains lots of meaning
but the only thing that I can say
Friend is a person who
never forget whoever that has been his/her friend before
never choose people to be his/her friend
never judge each other with bad things
never blame each other for only small matter
never selfish and always take a good care of another
can understand behaviors of other people
always happy when friend happy and sad when friend sad

The first time I registered in Stamford, June 8, 2011...
I met many friends
after two months we knew each other
one question came out in my mind...
"Later, if we finish our study in Stamford College, do we meet each other soon, do we know each other, do we still remember our moment in Stamford College???"
I hope we will remember our best moment in SCM forever...

For my dear friends and lecturers,
Take care of yourself
be a good person
always keep in touch wherever we are...

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