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Monday, March 14, 2011

Money Again~

Wow! Yesterday Eika was thinking ab0ut her money management... Thus, i remember the rule number one taught by Dr Hii, "Money is everything..."

Last month i spent about RM400. That make me got headache bcoz it make me left RM200 over budget last month.I usually spend about RM200 each month. That include all the payment...But, last month i have to pay for many things I think i have to do something that cud help me to balance the budget. If not, i'll face the financial problem soon...

Apparently, i have a little saving... but not much la... haha
Still got effort to do something for my future. Actually, my dream is to be someone who can stand up independently. But, i am just at the stage of learning... Learn the way to succeed...

Now, i join a bussines. I think it is the only chance for me to learn about how to manage my finance. Although i am busy with lot of works, i still have to balance all my activities. Therefore, i should avoid any problem especially the financial problem by doing saving.

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